art and cockatoos

It was such gorgeous Winter weather this weekend - sunny and blue skies, perfect for ferries catching and island adventures! K and I headed over to Cockatoo Island with some friends to see the Biennale of Sydney.
I think we might all have enjoyed romping round the island and checking out its various buildings, amusing signage and industrial wonders a teensy bit more than the actual Biennale exhibits (with the exception of the green room and AES+F's Feast of Trimalchio - a nine channel animation of over 75,000 photographs - which was incredible!). 

After taking in as much culture as we could handle on a gloriously sunny day, we tempered the high-falutin arty farty rigmarole with some low-brow fare - bread and babaganoush (which was actually at the gourmet end of things) meat pies and the Australian classic (according to Masterchef anyway) Golden Gaytimes - what a way to finish!

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