This time last week...

...I had no idea that an Icelandic volcano called Eyjafjallajokull  even existed, let alone had such an exquisite name, let alone could change the course of so many people's week!

Whilst I sit here in unseasonably sunny, warm and fine weather in Sydney, it all seems like something out of a dreadful movie plot, like - Dante's Peak 2, The Grounding of the Skies, or something like that. Incidentally, having worked with geologists a few years back and getting to know a bit of technical stuff, that movie became one of my all time favourite dreadful films - it's so flawed it's awesome!

But anyways, here I am still missing my man K who, as it turns out, looks to be on an adventure in Austria for the week, courtesy of the volcano and Emirates etc etc. The Milan furniture fair is so last week!

For some reason this whole thing keeps reminding me of our trip to Japan a few years ago when we climbed a volcano in Kama-kochi. Our friend Matt called his mum from the summit and I can just remember him yelling down the phone: "I'm on a volcano[pause]... a volcano [pause]....a VOLCANO!"  (Clearly even volcanoes aren't free from bad reception).

The other amusing volcano incident occurred when we drove into the national park in a taxi. As we drove up through a really long tunnel, our driver merrily conversed in Japanese to Matt, who sat in the front seat.

All we could hear was japanese, japanese, japanese and then Matt saying, "Oh my GOD!"
"What, what?" K and I asked from the back seat.
"You don't want to know!" Matt said, almost hysterically laughing. "I'll tell you when we get out of this tunnel."

So when we emerged from the tunnel, Matt told us how the driver had been telling him that the tunnel had been built in part of the volcano and that several years earlier there had been an incident when lava had flooded the tunnel killing many people. Naturally this was horrifying to hear, minutes after having been in said tunnel.  I just kept saying, "So, we were just in the volcano?"

"Yes," Matt replied.
"In the volcano?"
"IN the volcano?"

And so on...

Top picture via Reuters


thinking sydney, dreaming milan

I'm minding the roost at the moment whilst K is over in Milan for the Milan International Furniture Fair.  My mind is full of espressos and brioche con marmelata, beautiful people, lofty apartments and of course wonderful design - aaah to be in Italy right now...

Until my favourite designer returns home I'll have to settle for vicarious pleasures. I'll be tuning into The Design Files' coverage of the Fair and telephone relays with K of course.

If you're lucky enough to be over there, make sure you drop by B-Line at Salone del Mobile  (where K will be) and say hi!


rumpled beds

I have this thing for rumpled beds. 
They're so evocative.

Just looking at them tells a story of the adventurous sleep you had over the passage of the night. And then during the day they reflect your absence while you're off doing other things.

My dreams having been getting increasingly crazy of late. K says I should write them down but I insist that they're just ludicrous - all chasing and running and blind alleys and being back in school, and make no sense to anyone but me and even then, not much at all.

As a result I've really been enjoying checking out other people's inspiring bedrooms and makeover projects.  Maybe if the room is beautiful, the dreams will come, or something like that. Here are some rooms I would love to dream in.

4. Jane Cumberbatch's house via Remodelista


coming soon

It's been a while since I've really yearned for a film to come out but I think these two might just be the contenders I've been waiting for.They look just beautiful, if the promo pics are anything to go by.

Tilda Swinton - need I say more?  I'd watch her watching paint dry she's that intriguing, and she seems so authentically herself (two lovers and all)!

And since Wendy and Lucy, I've become more of a Michelle Williams fan. Ryan had me at Half Nelson.

Roll on the Wintery weather when going to the movies makes you feel like you're in a movie yourself.

Images from I am Love and Collider


ode to autumn

As the days are getting cooler and (after our lovely sleep-in on Sunday) darker, I need to remind myself of the many things there are to love about Autumn and Winter: the colours of the changing foliage, delicious crunching leaves underfoot, snuggles in bed, warm drinks and long, stripey socks.

These amazing artworks by Korean illustrator Chun Eun Sil make Autumn such a lovely prospect. They are like a beautiful, whimsical dream.


like a playground

On a quiet, long weekend it can almost seem like the world is your playground.

As many things as there are to do, sometimes the nicest thing can be to explore your own neighbourhood.  

This morning we went for a run/walk down by the water and spotted all sorts of funny things, and a lot of dogs. Feeling good about our exercise efforts, we promptly scoffed some Lindt chocolates and hot cross buns from Bariloche, the lovely Argentinian Bakery in Glebe (an Easter egg/hot cross bun hybrid was also attempted).

A couple of Gin and tonics ushered in the afternoon and a there were a few attempts at snoozing, but this weather is almost too delicious to sleep it away. Roll on holiday Monday!