the weekend that was

I love those weekends when you don't really have any plans but the little things that happen seem extra good somehow. Maybe it's this Autumnal weather, but sleeping in, lounging around, rugging up and eating in all seem very important and enjoyable.

And now it's Sunday night and we're scoffing a homemade, square meat pie and catching up on Party Down and Doctor Who, all three are highly recommended (especially a square meat pie!)

Hope you had a great weekend!


If you wear them, Spring will come

The weather outside is frightful and I should be thinking about boots and macaroni with cheese but instead I'm lusting after these shoes.  I blame all the wonderful northern blogs I'm currently reading, who are joyously celebrating the wonders and fashions of Spring. 

We haven't even hit Winter yet and I'm already planning September outfits! But when it's cold and rainy outside can you blame a girl for dreaming of sunnier weather and shoes to come?

If I were a more regular heel wearer, these beauties would be winging there way over to my door as we speak but I think I may have to do a spot of saving first (and walking practice!) It's rare to see such interesting sandals amidst the usual sea of gladiators! They are reminding me a little of side braid and plait hairstyles.  I do love a modest wooden platform - so stable, so pretty.

Here are some other lovely shoes to lust after by Rachel Comey

Be-still my beating bank account!

(Via Search Party)
(Images: Maryam Nassir Zadeh)


feeling thrifty... there's no place like home

This well dressed lass has the right idea...most her of wonderful ensembles are thrifted and even the odd designer piece she's managed to source for cheaps! Her blog is inspiring me to try a bit harder on the daily fashion stakes (I'm currently wearing trackpants so this shouldn't be too hard) and is also tempting me to go shopping!

I'm already lusting after some of these for next spring. Methinks American Payless must be a hell of a lot better than the ones we have in Sydney - or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough...

(Via I am a greedy girl)


things to see and do

Now that it's getting colder in Sydney I'm feeling more justified in enjoying those autumnal delights, such as baking to warm up (the oven is the best heater) and planning movie outings. Here are a couple of upcoming films that are tickling my fancy.


This is certain to get all those biological clocks ticking!

(Image via Playing Grown up)

And, at the other end of the spectrum:


I know this is a remake of the French film, Nathalie, but with Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Atom Egoyan directing, you just know it's going to be good. Although I would probably watch Julianne Moore cleaning out her oven! Even Amanda Seyfried looks miles away from her usual saccharine fare. 

It's been a while since I've seen a good thriller...I think this would be a great film for a cold Winter's night, followed up by a glass or two of red wine!


hijirik studio

A beautiful reminder, especially when all those doubts and money worries creep in!
I need to stick this right above my desk.


tree love

Aren't these images above glorious? These artists all make me look differently at the world on my morning walks.


something cheery

eeep, it's been a while, hello again.
hope all is well out there.
it's a little rainy today, but I'm not complaining because it makes being inside, working in my dark study completely delicious.

I don't quite know where April went but I'm embracing May and all it's lovely coolness, clothes layering and comfort-food wonderfulness because, although I know it's only Autumn, I am going to defeat Winter this year with cheerfulness.  Here goes...

The Selby

This is going to be me this Winter, happy as a lark, having found the perfect layered outfit of choice in which to enjoy decadent treats. Happy days!